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It kind of all started in 1970 and 71, in Southern California. Dee was in a band called "The One Way" and Jim was in a band called "The King James Version." Dee wrote songs sometimes by herself and sometimes with other people. Jim wrote songs too. Sometimes by himself, but most of the time with other people. Something called "The Jesus Movement" was happening and, for the most part, it was pretty awesome. Dee's band did mostly originals. Jim's band did mostly covers. It was a crazy, wonderful time to be alive.

Then they met each other, joined a group called Agape Force, became musicianaries and revivalists and started writing songs with each other. They traveled lots of places and sang in churches, bars, school auditoriums and prisons and just about every other kind of place else you might imagine.

Now here it is 2016 (Can ya believe it?) and they're still doing pretty much the same things. Still singing. Still writing. Still performing. Still serving. Still loving Jesus, life and each other.

This site is dedicated to their journey, their story and their body of work.


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Don't forget about the YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/JimAndDeePatton. There are a lot of different kinds of things there. Oldies Covers, original songs, video from past performances and live streams. Here's a song from our YouTube channel you might like.

In the mid 1970s there was an off Broadway production called Agapeland. One half of the show was about Nathaniel the Grublet. When that portion of the show was made into an LP it had to be cut in about half to fit on a record. This is one of the songs that got the axe. Nathaniel was the youngest of the brothers and his conscience had begun to bother him. He felt that "grubling" (going in to humans' homes and taking what might be considered discarded items) was stealing. One early morning when he came home from a night of grubling with an empty bag his brothers threw him out with the admonition, "And don't come back until your bag is full." The lights go dim with just one blue spotlight on Nathaniel as he sits on a stump next to his dog and sings this song.