In the Beginning

It all started in 1970 and 71. 

Dee was in a band called “The One Way." 

Jim was in a band called "The King James Version." 

Dee wrote songs. Jim wrote songs too. Something called "The Jesus Movement" was happening. 

It was a crazy, wonderful time to be alive.

Just a little more time went by.

They met,joined a group called Agape Force,and started writing songs with together. 

They traveled a lot! 

They sang in:


Coffee Houses





…and more

This site is dedicated to their journey, their story, and their body of work.

None of which is, as of today, complete.




Oh yeah! They got married. 

They had 3 wonderful daughters! 

They had grandchildren…and in that ellipsis is an very important truth. 

They are still going Further Up,Further In.”

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