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Sam the sheepdog

Mrs McSheep Podcast

We like stories about sheep. Jesus talked a lot about sheep. He even called us sheep. Baaaa. 

Funny. I can’t dredge up any one specific memory about writing “Mrs McSheep.” I know we did write it, but I can’t remember exactly where we were or what specifically inspired us to, except that we were new parents around that time and we were very “into” fairy tales and children’s stories. Of course, we were “into” children’s stuff WAY before we became parents, but I digress. 

It (the song) was probably written…

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Jesus' Cousin - John the Baptist (A Musing for This Morning)

I love reading and studying from my Revival Study Bible. Most of all I love the accounts of people that God used and the moves of God throughout history, but I also love the chain reference materials and the inspiration for thought and further study that they bring. Here's something that got stirred up in my heart today from reading the reference materials for the book of Matthew as I was posting to the Revival Study Bible Facebook Page.

It was about the "Advance Team" ministry of John the Baptist.


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The Problem of Pain

God is committed to our happiness - but not to our shallow, temporary, self focused, happiness. It is a deep, eternal, wholeness that the Godhead envisions for us and is working toward, not one that springs from or orbits our comfort only, but one with depths we have not yet plumbed and one that will make us partners with God in Heaven’s benevolence - willing the good of all creation and redeeming it. He wants to ruin us for the things that used to make us “happy” because they are not the things that will…

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A Holy Anger


“So he answered, ‘Do not fear for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’ Then Elisha prayed and said ‘O Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.’ And the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he saw; and behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.” 2 Kings 6:16-17 (NASB) 

Every Summer, for at least 5 or 6 years, we went on tour up into Minnesota and into Alberta Canada to work for Jesus at a huge exposition called Klondike Days.

For the people…

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The Medium, The Witch & The Modeling School

Christmas in 1968 was a huge surprise. I woke up car-less and by breakfast I was the proud owner of a 1959 Mercedes 180D. It was white; kind of a dirty white. It had a sun roof, 8-track player, standard transmission (3 speed on the column) and the speedometer read kilometers instead of miles (which was very good for real world math practice.) 

And, oh yeah, the D stood for Diesel. 


Hildegarde - A 1959 Mercedes 180D. My First Car

I couldn’t drive it though, at least not without a grownup, because I…

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Is Salvation About Relationship

In February of 2011 I posted the following to my Facebook Page (notes) and that is where it has quietly stayed pretty much until now. Back then somebody asked a question about the topic in the title and so, you know, it kind of got me going.

I thought of it again this afternoon as we were getting ready for tonight's Live Stream on our YouTube channel, "At Home With Jim & Dee." One of the things we plan to do (Lord willing and the Creek don't rise) is to sing the song(s) we wrote many years ago called "TheRead more

The Reedley Awakening in 1971

Here is an article from New Wine Magazine, first published in November of 1971

New Wine Magazine - November 1971 
Reedley Awakened By Revival 

Time has allowed us to look backward to events that happened before the awakening began in Reedley, California. 


Within the Full Gospel Tabernacle congregation, prayer groups were organized not by the Pastor or the Church Board, but by earnest people within the congregation who felt desperately that God must touch…

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And Then The Phone Rang

I was lying on my stomach in my own, new little studio apartment. Yes, that apt with it’s own entrance - that was leaving home without leaving home, below the garage office next to Mother’s house and at the bottom of the concrete stairs that led from the garden. Her garden. The deep orange shag carpet tickled my elbows and forearms as I propped myself up to read the chapter in front of me. 

I was finally a true teen. Driving with my own car. A studio with it's own entrance instead of a bedroom off the…

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The Day That Changed Everything

It had been a warm day in August of 1959, but as evening approached it carried with it cool breezes from the Pacific that would make it cold when the sun set. It always got cold at night. Some Aunts and Uncles and my cousins were visiting! Oh what a great day! 

Me at 6-yrs-old. About 2 months before the day that changed everything.

What made it especially exciting is that the visit was one of the first on my own turf, and I wanted to show them every little thing in the house and yard. Well, everything…

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To Face or Embrace

To Face or Embrace 

Each day, each morning gives to us, not just a chance to try again; not just a reset button or a new “life” (like in a video game). It gives us, rather, a new opportunity to re-create ourselves by losing ourselves. An opportunity to gain new life by giving ourselves away and to welcome that opportunity with joyful, open arms. 

In a nutshell, it boils down to one question. 

Is each day something for us to face or

something to embrace? 

Todd Rundgren wrote the lyric: 

“How can I…

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Thoughts on Revival

It's hard and sometimes weird to label yourself and uncomfortable when others label you. None of us really fit well into the little boxes that culture - church or otherwise - have so neatly laid out for us and ask us to climb into and STAY! Sometimes it's hard to find out what you're gift(s) is/are. Sometimes it's hard to say in a word or two what you really stand for without seeming trite. But I guess if there was one word that fit's Jim and I best it would be "Revivalists."

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Greetings and Salutations

My first post here was just to point you to our other blog sites - and And I did that the first day we set up the site. Those still exist - but we have been doing a lot of different things. Jim's blog URL is mostly used for his artwork right now and mine is . . .well . . .sporadic to say the least. Can't promise the moon here, but I think with our stuff - in some places branded as Jim and Dee Music - there needs to be things that have to do more with our music…Read more

Entering the Multi-blogiverse

We're excited to have up and going again on this fine evening in April of 2014. Jim may speak out here from time to time. Dee might as well, but both of us have our own blog sites - alternate dimensions of sight and sound and well....mostly words and stuff like that. Dee's lives at and Jim's is We are working on getting more consistent with our blogging - but hey - we've been in the studio a LOT lately and performing quite a bit too - so sometime's it's…Read more