Greetings and Salutations

My first post here was just to point you to our other blog sites - and And I did that the first day we set up the site. Those still exist - but we have been doing a lot of different things. Jim's blog URL is mostly used for his artwork right now and mine is . . .well . . .sporadic to say the least. Can't promise the moon here, but I think with our stuff - in some places branded as Jim and Dee Music - there needs to be things that have to do more with our music and our thoughts about life, the world we live in and Jesus...always Jesus. Cuz after all, we are still Jesus People (Jesus Freaks) at heart - even after all these years. And actually probably more now than ever. Time and life and the bumps gotten there may have mellowed us some (or it could have been the Lord actually doing that I imagine) - but we are still just the same kids that got married as hardly more than teens, thinking we could do more for God together than apart. Looking back I'm thinking we were right to think that.. . .and I'm betting that the best is yet to come. We look a lot different now. Some folks might have a hard time recognizing what time has wrought... lol. But the outside isn't the most important part. That's what mother told me. That's what I told my girls and it's still the truth. So here goes nothing. Gonna dive in here and see if we can do something fairly consistent. Catch ya on the up side!

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