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God Has Options


One day, while alone and running errands, I was praying. I am almost always inclined to pray when behind the wheel and no one else is in the car. I quieted my mind and heart to listen, mulling over what…

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A Dream From 1973 ~ The Walled City


I have always referred to this dream as: 

 "The Walled City" 

When: Summer 1973 when I was 20-years-old 

Where: Northern Minnesota (Gospel Ranch Youth Camp) 

With whom: Serving with an evangelistic team as a…

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Beautiful In Her Robe (with coffee)


I am remembering mother today. I see her, all through the big house she managed, but mostly in the kitchen. She was a busy woman, so it’s funny that I see her now in her robe and realize that this…

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Mrs McSheep 

We like stories about sheep. Jesus talked a lot about sheep. He even called us sheep. Baaaa. 

Funny. I can’t dredge up any one specific memory about writing “Mrs McSheep.” I know we did write it, but I can’t…

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The Problem of Pain

God is committed to our happiness - but not to our shallow, temporary, self focused, happiness. It is a deep, eternal, wholeness that the Godhead envisions for us and is working toward, not one that springs from or orbits…

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A Holy Anger


“So he answered, ‘Do not fear for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.’ Then Elisha prayed and said ‘O Lord, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.’ And the Lord opened…

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The Medium, The Witch & The Modeling School

Christmas in 1968 was a huge surprise. I woke up car-less and by breakfast I was the proud owner of a 1959 Mercedes 180D. It was white; kind of a dirty white. It had a sun roof, 8-track player, standard…

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Is Salvation About Relationship

In February of 2011 I posted the following to my Facebook Page (notes) and that is where it has quietly stayed pretty much until now. Back then somebody asked a question about the topic in the title and so, you…

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The Reedley Awakening in 1971

Here is an article from New Wine Magazine, first published in November of 1971

New Wine Magazine - November 1971 
Reedley Awakened By Revival 

Time has allowed us to look backward to events that happened before the awakening…

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And Then The Phone Rang

I was lying on my stomach in my own, new little studio apartment. Yes, that apt with it’s own entrance - that was leaving home without leaving home, below the garage office next to Mother’s house and at the bottom…

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The Day That Changed Everything

It had been a warm day in August of 1959, but as evening approached it carried with it cool breezes from the Pacific that would make it cold when the sun set. It always got cold at night. Some Aunts…

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To Face or Embrace

To Face or Embrace 

Each day, each morning gives to us, not just a chance to try again; not just a reset button or a new “life” (like in a video game). It gives us, rather, a new opportunity to…

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Thoughts on Revival

It's hard and sometimes weird to label yourself and uncomfortable when others label you. None of us really fit well into the little boxes that culture - church or otherwise - have so neatly laid out for us and ask…Read more

Greetings and Salutations

My first post here was just to point you to our other blog sites - and And I did that the first day we set up the site. Those still exist - but we have been doing a…Read more